A Breezy & Consequential Artist
Cindo Santos is a performing artist, songwriter, and producer based in South Florida. With his voice, guitar, and electronic tracks he delivers a contemporary Pop sound that appeals to both the club goer’s body, and to the listener who appreciates an insight or two into the human condition. Born in Portugal and raised in the Americana ways, his arsenal of songwriting material comes from having lived the geography of cultures spanning from Santa Barbara to Stockholm, from Staten Island to South Florida, from Ohio to the Mississippi Bayou, from Santo Domingo to Rio de Janeiro. Describing his music is like verbalizing the DNA of a vintage wine. It’s got undercurrents of some bluesman waking up in the mornin’; the sensual abandon of The Doors; the every man of Johnny Cash; a bit of Lou Reed’s attitude; the singer/songwriter esthetic of James Taylor; the hard rain of Bob Dylan; the salty air of Jobim’s Ipanema Beach; and the abandon of EDM. His Dylanesque lyrics, offer a voice for this overloaded and, at times, jaded generation. It’s a nonjudgmental observation of personal and social events, a defense of the underdog, and a bit of self-empowerment. It’s fun and smart Pop, using a contemporary sound, a backdoor of swampy rock, and an underlying breeze coming from the Amazon. Say what?! His first single, Woke Up This Morning was released on Nov. 3rd, 2019. It’s a Pop Trap anthem for the times that is resonating with fans of all tastes & stripes. And now, on Nov. 20th, 2021 comes his second single, Whole Lotta Trouble (feat. Chris Cutless), fresh for the post-US-election limbo and the 21st century pandemic. It’s a unique style - let’s call it ZZ Trap – that adds the urban sensibility and angst of newcomer rapper Chris Cutless. The issues are all there, but it’s up to you to either consent or dissent, as the song alludes. Check out the epic music videos for both songs - you will be entertained, and then you’ll start peeling the proverbial onion as you hit the replay button! His first EP is due this coming winter 2021. It will establish Cindo Santos as an artist who is both breezy and consequential.

Whole Lotta Trouble


Woke Up This Morning

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